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An Ode

to the

Great Mother

by Jake Kobrin

Special Edition

NFT Boxset


A Unique Collectable NFT Art Experience

A bundled boxset of 15 unique 1/1 digital NFT assets


An Ode to the Great Mother is one of the most iconic digital paintings created by visionary artist Jake Kobrin. It was inspired by his experiences with the ancient plant medicine Ayahuasca and his journey to the Peruvian rainforest, where he experienced indigenous shamanism with the Shipibo Conibo community, in 2017. This unique one of a kind collectable NFT boxset combines a variety of artworks and photographs created during Jake's explorations of indigenous Amazonian shamanism, as well as poetry and high definition animated artworks inspired by these experiences.


This NFT boxset includes 15 unique 1/1 digital NFT assets, sold as a bundle on the OpenSea NFT market. None of these assets exist on any other blockchain, or are being sold as NFTs in any other marketplace.


A Journey told Through Art...

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Animated Content

In addition to the still images this NFT boxset also includes a number of animated artworks, including an animated version of artwork An Ode to the Great Mother accompanied by a reading of Jake Kobrin's poetry and Icaros (sacred songs) sung by Maestro Walter, who Jake underwent ceremony with during his Ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian Rainforest. 

Click Full Screen to have the most potent experience of this artwork. Turn sound on. 

The NFT Boxset includes an ultra high resolution 4k animation of this artwork, sampled judiciously for your viewing pleasure. The poetry read is by the voice of the artist and originally created by Jake Kobrin and was inspired by the same Ayahuasca experiences which gave birth to the painting of the same name. The singing in the background is by Maestro Walter, who Jake sat with in the Peruvian Jungle, and are Icaros, the sacred healing songs of the Shipibo ayahuasqueros.

"AyaCoin" Designed by Jake Kobrin, and 3D Rendered and animated in collaboration with NFT Coin Collector. The NFT boxset includes this collectable animated "AyaCoin."

Travel Journal. The NFT Boxset also includes this short travel journey of Jake Kobrin being interviewed and speaking about his experiences with Ayahuasca while spending time at Caya Shobo retreat center near Iquitos, Peru. 

What is Ayahuasca?


Ayahuasca is an indigenous plant medicine with a traditional use as a spiritual medicine for more than 1000 years by many different communities throughout the Amazon Rainforest. Ayahuasca is used largely as a treasured aid to spiritual practice and is a very integral part of South American Indigenous Shamanism. It is in the family of psychedelics, and contains DMT, named The Spirit Molecule by Dr Rick Strassman, as well as other psychoactive alkaloids. In addition to it's capacity to induce spiritual visions and experiences, often considered a gateway to the spirit-world, ayahuasca has also been found to be remarkably effective in treating many physical and psychological illnesses such as addiction, PTSD, and depression. Many books and documentaries have been made about Ayahuasca including Jeremy Narby's Cosmic Serpent, and The Last Shaman. In 2017, Jake Kobrin flew to Iquitos, Peru to partake in a traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca Dieta (plant diet) at Caya Shobo Retreat Center wherein he (legally) partook in 7 Ayahausca ceremonies over the course of 10 days. The experiences were very intense, transformational, and inspiring. These artworks were created from those experiences. 

Supporting Indigenous Communities


Jake is vowing to contribute funds raised from the sale of this NFT boxset to help raise money for indigenous communities in Peru who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Jake will donate a generous portion of the funds raised from his NFT sale to the Shipibo-Conibo Center Inc, a Registered nonprofit in the United States who supports and works directly with the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo people in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. The Shipibo-Conibo people are the custodians of the traditions of Ayahuasca Shamanism, and possess enormous wisdom and healing knowledge. Donations go towards the distribution of food baskets in the Shipibo communities of Nuevo Paraíso y Dinamarca.

How to Buy

This NFT Boxset can be purchased on

The Collectable NFT Boxset is available for 2.37 ETH.

237 is the gematria of An Ode to the Great Mother.

The purchase of the NFT Bundle on OpeanSea includes 15 unique NFT artworks plus all of the content displayed on this website in the higest possible resolution as unlockable bonuses.

You can also make an offer for the price of the collectable NFT Boxset and can bid either lower or higher than the set price. 

Buying an NFT is relatively easy and only requires you to install a Metamask wallet on your Chrome or Brave browser, funding this wallet with an adequate amount of Ethereum (which you can purchase using Coinbase,) sending the amount of ETH to your Metamask wallet address, and then connecting your wallet to the NFT Marketplace. 

What is an NFT and Why Collect Them?


You may have recently heard the buzz about NFT, which for many people, is a completely new concept. NFT stands for non-fungible token, which admittedly still sounds a bit confusing.


Let’s break it down. Non-fungible means you have something unique that can be ex- changed only for other unique things. For example, money is fungible. If I give you a $20 for two $10’s, we each still have the same thing. Most cryptocurrencies are also fungible.


However, a collector’s item would be non-fungible. If I were to trade you a Bugatti La Voiture Noire for a Rolls-Royce 15 HP, that would be non-fungible because I am getting something completely different. Now, add in the word “token.”


An NFT is a cryptocurrency that has some sort of characteristic that sets it apart. Its value lies in its unique-ness. An NFT is essentially a cryptocurrency that is unique from any other cryptocurrency, providing proof of authenticity and ownership.


Whoever owns the NFT for a piece of art is the person that owns the digital art. Typically, whenever an NFT is resold, the original artist will gain a portion of the sell price, allowing creators to continually be paid for their work.

To read more you can download Jake's short Ebook about NFTs. 

About Jake Kobrin


The work of Jake Kobrin is psychedelic, unusual, dark, beautiful, and elegant. His work seeks to illuminate experiences which Jake has had that are outside of the realm of normal waking consciousness, moving into numinous and visionary realms with natural ease. His work explores the interplay of shadow and light, both in the delicate modelling of the forms of his pictures but also in the character of the subjects he portrays, his work showing a willingness to embrace all aspects of emotion from revelation and peace, to fear and disharmony. He considers himself an "interdimensional midwife and conduit" believing that the role of the artist is to be able to move outside of themselves and to act as a conduit for higher consciousness to move through them. In this way he says, "I do not claim authorship for any of the works of art I have painted. I am a channel for Great Spirit to create through me." He currently lives in Ubud, Bali and he grew up in San Francisco. He is one of the few psychedelic artists with a formal classical art education, having studied classical realist drawing and painting in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art. He is also a tattoo artist, and is inspired by the traditional ceremonial contexts that ancient cultures held around tattooing. He is honoured to bring people through the ancient rite of passage of being tattooed in a way that is intentional and reverent. Besides painting and tattooing, Jake is also the founder and designer of a jewellery and fashion brand called Medicine Dragon Designs, and is a DJ and musician, as well as a tattoo artist, published writer, speaker, and podcaster.

An Ode to the Great Mother

In the starlit sanctum,

When silence came to kiss our faces,

And the air was dense with

Palo Santo and beeswax burning,

The Great Mother spread her wings above me.

She entered the cracks of my broken heart,

And rays shone out from its inner light,

And as she navigated the meridians of my body,

The cold night rang out like stars over an open fire

That stoked the embers of this new and important chapter of my being.

She is the water that nurtures the garden,

The dove that flies by morning’s light,

She is every bit of the rainforest

Fighting against our world’s greed and ignorance.

She is snakes, and hummingbirds, and scarlet macaws,

She is the fruit that delights your tongue with its fertile nectar.

She is Ayahuasca.

She is the Earth.

And as the distant sounds of the shamaness

Filled the air above me,

The Great Mother told me:

“Brother, son,

Know every being as yourself,

For every man, woman, and child,

Is just an angel disguised as someone who hasn’t realized that yet.”

For any further questions email Jake at

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